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Chakra Physiology and Balancing

Level One



Manifeston of Life on Earth

Theoretical and Practical comprehension of chakras 1, 2 & 3




welcome to the

3-week intensive!

* Includes a seperate manual for each chakra!

* 4 Online classes explaining all the theory

* In depth anatomical and physiological explanantions

* Emotions relating to physical body

* Practical exercise for balancing each chakra





The first three chakras are connected to the very first stages of development, and therefore also to our conception of physical, emotional and ego-identity.

These relate directly to how we simultaneously perceive, act OR re-act to the world outside and people around us!


Our outer life is always a mirror of the inner!

Inspiration for this course:

Application of theoretical knowledge to the actual matter of our being gives us the power to change what before made us feel like victims of circumstance.

When we understand the influence we have over every aspect of our life

– physical, emotional, willpower –

we can assume responsibility for what we are creating.






When we are unaware of this, our bodies, our emotions, and our life path reflect exactly that – unawareness, separation from the whole, confusion, pain, dis-ease.



It is time to take action consciously, to come to realize how we are able to UNITE all the elements of mind and matter.

To move beyond the dogmatic spirituality vs science discussion of isolating all the parts of reality to try to reduce answers. This is the time to expand into seeing and simultaneously experiencing the fractalized universe of our beings’ micro-cosmos and the macro-cosmos of the bigger whole.


The truth is that spirituality and science are inseparable; that to understand spirituality we need the scientific mind, just like we, to experience science need the spiritual body.



Open the mind and widen the heart.


***Knowledge gives birth to intentional action***


Welcome to the course ♥




About the Course:

The course Chakra Physiology and Balancing Level One

is a 3-week online tutorial of 4 online classes, extending and relaying the theory of the energy centers of the body using the natural map of anatomy and the cause and effect of physiology.


The chakras are not just fictive ethereal projections of our imagination – they ARE the body – just like the organs, the nerves, and all the body fluid. Everything is made up of the same elements, even the emotions, and even the mind.


Just as each organ in the body serves a purpose, so also each chakra represents an aspect of our humanity.






In this course you will learn:

* Where in the physical body each chakra is located; which anatomical structures are involved and effected (organs, nerves, spine).


* What physiological processes are vital for each center, why, and how they can be adjusted.


*Which emotions are tied to each energy center, and which emotions are stored where, if they are not properly released.


*What chakra imbalance looks and feels like.


*What kinds of thoughts and behaviors create disturbance in the physical body and energy centers, and how.


*What you can do practically to balance each chakra/physical location.





Progression of the course:

Each week you will receive a manual for the given chakra. We will meet for class online via Skype to do the theoretical teaching together, including drawing the chart for the nerve innervation of organs relating to each center.

In class you will be given an exercise to practice daily for a week for you to experience in your own body the subtle energies and correlation between physical movement, breath, and intention on body, mind and emotion.


You will spend the week working in depth on the material to fully submerge and move theory into PRACTICE.


Practical experience is the number one way to integrate knowledge and make it accessible to your internal encyclopedia. In this way you will teach your subconscience how to retrieve and use this information even when you are not consciously working to balance and harmonize – this means that your “autopilot” will be HELPING you, instead of creating unwanted negative thoughts and behavior.





Dates for online teaching in January


January 10 – Chakra 1 – 19.00 - 20.00

January 17 – Chakra 2 – 19.00 - 20.00

January 24 – Chakra 3 – 19.00 - 20.00

January 31 – Recap, questions, discussion 19.00 - 19.30




144€ for the course of 3 weeks

includes 3 online classes, 3 full manuals and all the pictures and charts used in class, plus 1 half hour meeting to wrap up the course and give oppertunity to address questions, personal experiences and sharing.

With all the material you will be able to continue your studies on your own, expand your knowledge and teach once you are comfortable with the depth of personal experience.






To register:

Contact Katrine here or by mail at info@hjerteforbindelse.dk


Payment by MobilePay or Revolut to +45 42252843

or bank transfer to 5352 0000357497

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