Fri Krop - Frit Sind

Welcome to 4 days journey at Himmelbjerget

~ Diving into the very core of your being

and flying back out through the nervous system that connects you to the world outside! ~

Please be aware of limited spaces for this workshop!

This picture is taken from the natural surroundings of Himmelbjerg Gården, where this workshop is taking place!

Below are descriptions for what we learn and work on each day.

Under that is the daily timetable and information about us.

For practical information about the location, price, accommodation, application process and pictures of accomodation please see the bottom of this page.

~Thank you!~

THURSDAY Nov. 29th

Arrival between 18.30-19.30


*opening and introduction to the program

* creating an intention for the journey


FRIDAY Nov. 30th


Emotional Release:

In this workshop we work on emotional blockages to allow connection between the mind, body, and soul. Pent up anger, mistrust, jealousy etc. can be controlling elements that make us act in ways we struggle to understand. Here we open up for honest expression, to connect to how we really feel so we can embody our emotions and move from constriction to flow.

We investigate and work into:

* Shape and color of emotion

* Journey into feeling; emotional body

* How do emotions manifest? How are they stored in the physical and mental body?

* Tools for expression and releasing blockages consciously


Completing the biological process:

Here you will travel back into the early years of your life to experience. In order to make room for the present moment, we have to clear up the past. This means visiting past trauma, which affect the way we perceive reality today. Unconsciously we are constantly acting based on pre-programmed conceptions, and in this work-shop we dive in to begin to see and understand, opening the possibility of acceptance and thereby change.

Together we open a space to venture into a past that is shaping our present moment:

* Birth trauma

* Early childhood memories

* Inner child work




Chakra physiology, energy and tantra:


Chakras are not only energy centers, but have direct correlation to our physical body. We locate the chakras, speak about the characteristics and uncover which kinds of emotional states relate to balances and imbalances associated with each.

We look at the current state of the world, both positive, negative, mind, matter and disease - as the Earth is a macrocosmos of our internal microcosmos, and through the understanding of our own energies and empowerment we see how we can shape our lives, our minds, our bodies and the world we share.

You will learn both theory and how to apply theory to practice so you have:

* Tools to activate each chakra

* Ability to acknowledge imbalances

* Knowledge and exercises for EMPOWERMENT

* Static (sitting meditative) and dynamic (yoga, dance, movement) for balancing

* Partner exercises in giving and receiving from each chakra


Wild Heart, Deep Heart:

You will learn two techniques to facilitate internal and external connection to unconditional love, as well as to transform and heal physical problems, spiritual trauma, and emotional wounds.

This healing technique helps us to be at peace, to forgive and to have a great perspective for the fu-ture with Joy, and thus to open, feel, live with and in the heart the unconditional love, source of all creation.

During this time you will learn:

* How to clean your aura.

* How to connect, center and align appropriately for the healing.

* Two techniques for healing the Heart.

* To raise awareness, transform and heal the trauma and injury of the heart of the past.

* To raise awareness, transform and heal your heart intentions for your future.

* Keep the energy of the heart.

* Balance masculine and feminine energy.

These techniques can be used for you and for others.


SUNDAY Dec. 2nd


Healing Touch

The last day of the journey we now have techniques for grounding our emotions and for opening our heart. On this day we open with tools for connecting to people around us. This is a process of working with trust. Trusting our authentic selves, and learning to perceive the world as being loving, enabling us to open, to give and to receive.

You will learn to work practically with:

* The power of touch

* Tools for massage

* Physical and energetic exchanges

* Trusting process



This work rounds up everything we have gained, allows a flow from the heart and to each other. You will experience elation at the power of giving honestly from the heart, and feel what it means to be in a fully supporting network, and how your presence creates connection to others.

Here we dive deeply into:

* A sence of community

* Giving honestly

* Allowing yourself to receive unconditional love

* Being and staying fully present in connection to others and self


Closing Circle

We close the space together with:

* Reflection, sharing, closure

* Helping each other clean up



                                                                        6.00                  Wake up

                                                                        6.30 – 8.30       Kundalini Yoga & meditation

                                                                        8.30 – 9.00       Pause for breakfast

                                                                        9.00 – 10.00     Rest & Service

                                                                        10.00 – 12.30   Morning workshop (See description)

                                                                        12.30 – 14.00   Pause for lunch & rest

                                                                        14.30 – 17.30   Afternoon workshop (See description)

                                                                        17.30 – 18.00   Rest

                                                                        18.00 – 19.30   Pause for dinner & service

                                                                        19.30 – 20.30   Evening Ceremony

                                                                                                 (Ceremonies will be introduced specifically each evening)


Who We Are:

Cédric Delaveau

Cédric has received teachings, initiations and transmissions through the blessings of teachers, shamans, healers and spiritual guides, of many traditions around the world, yogi Hindu, Tibetain, Native North American, South American, African, Mexican and Amazonian over the past 20 years.

Today, he transmits teachings and initiations from a very ancient lineage of Mexico, such as the Light language, the Divine Intervention, the 12 gifts of the mastery, cutting cords and attachments, cleaning the thought forms, Kundalini Enhancement, many techniques of healing and many other topics around how to emanate our authentic being.

Guide of shamanic ceremonies, sweat lodges, visions quest, shamanic dances, firewalks, ceremonies of purification by the Earth, shamanic journeys with drum, he trains and teaches students in building and conducting sweat lodges and shamanic drum journeys. He also was a Sun Dancer for 5 years.

Healer and energy therapist, he offers his services throughout the year.

Cédric taught essential Yoga for 3 years, that he has been practicing meditation for over 20 years.

~ & ~

Katrine Aleksandra Golding

Born Danish/American/Russian and having traveled avidly since childhood Katrine has studied, practiced and taught world-wide.

Katrine holds a degree as a physical therapist and is also a certified CranioSacral therapist from Upledger Institute. In the US she studied psychology and human services in college.

Katrine has been practicing yoga since 2009 and has since 2012 been giving individual sessions as well as done workshops internationally. In Denmark Katrine opened Hjerteforbindelse in 2015 through which she has developed and taught workshops like Kærlighed er Frihed, Chakra Fysiologi og Balance, Krop-Sind-Samfund mm.

Apart from work through Hjerteforbindelse, Katrine is currently a part of the team at Lasota Terapi Akademi in Fredericia where she sees patients 2 days a week. She also works freelance for TrainingandRehab.

For more info about Katrine please visit the CV page





** OBS: Due to limited spaces for this workshop please follow application procedure as descriped below. Thank you! **


Gammel Gård, Himmelbjerg Gården

Himmelbjergvej 11, 8680 Ry



Early bird: 3950kr. (before Nov 1!) excl. food and accommodation

Normal price: 4200kr. excl. food and accommodation

~Prices include fruit and tea~


You can choose to completely submerge into the process and the beautiful nature of Himmelbjerget by staying over night at Himmelbjerg Gården!

Single room is 350kr per person per night

Shared room (with one other person) is 300kr per person per night

Arrangements can also be made for dormitory, but this is a special arrangement, so please inquire by mail.


Please send an email to info@hjerteforbindelse.dk and tell us if you want accomodation and which kind.

Your place is reserved once we have received full payment.

Cancellation is possible until Nov. 1 - after this payment is non-refundable.

Payment can be made by mobilepay to 42252843.

Bank transfer is also possible, for this please inquire by mail. - Remember to write your name and AofA for the workshop.

Please feel free to call or mail us with questions or concerns

Tlf: (+45) 42252843

E~mail: info@hjerteforbindelse.dk


~ We look forward to sharing the space and the journey ~

Thank you!


Hjerteforbindelse.dk - Katrine Aleksandra Golding